Disruptive innovation AS A SERVICE
Through crowd sourcing from a very vibrant start-up ecosystem
who can be your partner or part of your organization (acquisition target)

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We leverage the power of India's most vibrant start-up ecosystem to solve business and technical problems of you. Resolve your problems with design thinking and out-of-the-box solutions through crowd-sourcing of innovation through our platform. We are connected with a large set of smart solution providers, especially those with special focus on disruptive digital technologies, who are willing to address your problems and needs.

We are experts in acquiring the right information related to your business and interpret the same in a generic way, and float it anonymously to the chosen set of solution providers. 90% of the clients registered with us got their problems resolved or very active discussions are underway to resolve it. You are most welcome to participate in the crowd-sourcing innovation platform.

If you are a solution provider, we shall connect you with right clients who are in need of your skills. So, go ahead and register with us, it is free.. Let your problems addressed by the right innovation partner OR your special skills be used to resolve problems of world leaders - to them it makes the best sense.


Disruptive Innovation as-a-Service - A collaborative innovation platform

Our platform helps solution seekers and solution providers to collaborate. If you are one of that you are most welcome to float an enquiry here.


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